32. V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta is an oddly appropriate movie for this day and age. It presents a dystopian society, but a not-that-quite dystopian society where people are still free to wear whatever clothes they want and more-or-less do whatever they please, sans it being illegal per government regulations. But V for Vendetta is a very realistic portrayal of what the world may look like if we humbly sacrifice, piece by piece, our personal integrity and autonomy just because Big Brother said so.

V for Vendetta is also a kick ass movie. Like, really kick ass. Everything about it is entertaining. Both V and Evey Hammond are relentlessly entertaining and fleshed-out characters, and we get a hearty dose of action and storytelling intrigue from them and the supporting cast. You never find yourself bored or peering at your watch, hoping it will be over soon. It’s thrilling from beginning to end, and you’re grateful for that.

But in today’s era, V for Vendetta is more than just a great movie. It’s a warning sign of things to come. We may not find ourselves in the reality where our every word and action is closely monitored by the government, and our country’s highest leader lives in an underground bunker and deals out orders to his cronies. It’s a close reality, but still one a bit further off. But it does represent how if we compromise our daily values and the things we hold dear, just how effortlessly, piece by piece, this new dystopian world may come into play. Sure, we’re still a bit further away from that point. But in our reality, we wont have a hero like V to save us, it’ll be all up to ourselves.

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