66. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange came at a very, err, strange point in the Marvel universe. It was after Captain America: Civil War, where we had been introduced and then some to most of the Marvel heroes. But now we were getting to meet yet another hero, the ominous, lurking Stephen Strange and get his origin story. Would it hold up and keep our attention? Or would the film just serve as another dutiful building block to the inevitable Infinity War?

Luckily, Doctor Strange does hold up with its breathtaking visuals and dive into the mystic, magical realm of the Marvel cosmos. But character wise, it kind of falls flat on the operating table. We get the gyst of why Stephen Strange left medicine and became a sorcerer, but everyone else though who fights alongside him and even him directly just kind of falls flat. We get an after credits scene of Mordo essentially becoming the next Doctor Strange bad guy. But at this point, we really just wonder if we would even want to watch that movie at all?

Probably not, because in many ways, Doctor Strange is like a kaleidoscope of a Marvel movie. Its enchanting to look at for a brief time, maybe one or two views, but we then just want to move onto the next toy. Sure, it was great watching him trick Dormamu in the final battle, and all the circular magic, teleportation stuff was fun too. But one time jumping through this portal is enough.



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