73. Some Like It Hot

Dont get me wrong, Some Like It Hot is a funny movie. In fact, it’s a very funny movie. But funniest movie ever made? Not a chance.
Plenty of notable film organizations, publications and less-than-reputable blogs have named Some Like It Hot as the funniest or one of the funniest movies ever, in history, with nothing else topping it or anything else in the future that could possibly top it. But its more the prestige of the picture, an older, black and white, Marilyn Monroe-centric film that generates the perception of excellence. Also, people who are film lovers want to be in the know, and if AFI says its the funniesr movie ever, they need to adopt that same opinion to legitimize their fandom.

Back in its day, this movie must’ve been nothing short of revolutionary. Boys dressing up as girls! A cross-dressing man kissing a woman on camera! So taboo! The humor still holds up, and when it’s funny it’s reallly funny, but there just really isn’t that much of it. The movie constantly turns to our two main foils in drag snd says hey, they’re in drag, you should be laughing! Even though not much is happening to initiate laughter.

I guess it really comes down to what you consider a funny movie, or even if the greatest comedy movie ever necessarily equates to it being the funniest movie ever as well. I personally believe not. I think the The 40-Year-Old Virgin is a better movie than Borat but I definitely laughed at Borat way more than Virgin. In this sense, I can see why Some Like It Hot is ranked as the best comedy: it is a comedy film, and just coming from a filmmaking and storytelling perspective, it is very well made. But it is not funnier than say Airplane!, which generates more laughs per minute than any movie ever.

But hot damn, Marilyn Monroe. Talk about screen presence. Every time she’s on screen she glows with stardom. Watching her is like getting seated next to the popular friendly girl in math class. You don’t feel like you deserve to be next to her, but anytime she talks to you you cherisb the moment, just like we do every second Monroe is on screen. When she first appears with her full hair on the trainx we’re hooked.

It may be the greatest comedy ever, and when its funny its really funny, but its far from the funniest ever.

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