105. San Junipero

San Junipero is an “episode” of the futuristic, tech-centricĀ “television” series Black Mirror. Recently, San Junipero was nominated for an Emmy for best TV Movie, which is interesting because it kind of addresses what exactly is Black Mirror, and what exactly are each of its stories. Are they standalone films you could watch at different venues than just on Netflix or TV? Or if Black Mirror is more like an updated The Twilight Zone, does that mean that show isn’t a show aymore, but a collection of films?

I personally think it has to do with production and storytelling ability, which San Junipero excels on both fronts. Throughout the entire film, we’re learning more about our characters in every scene, progressing forward and unraveling emotionally in an authentic and non-convoluted way. Even when it’s central plot is revealed, it doesn’t make fun of true believers in this afterlife experiment, and raises even more intriguing ethical questions about the nature of the mind and when is Belinda Carlise no longer a trendsetter.

Luckilly we have Kelly and Yorkie to make sense of this world. And their palpable union is one that sparks joy and hope among the audience.

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