110. Passengers

I logged into WordPress a few minutes ago and had an “oh shit” moment where I thought I had forgotten to watch a movie today! I scrambled over everything I’ve done, if there was something I watched last night but was in a hazy fog or today but just simply put in the back of my mind. I was pretty worried but then realized I had watched Passengers today! And yes, it was forgettable!

Now, I don’t think Passengers is nearly as awful as other critics have made it out to be. I remember it being completely lambasted on its first release and after I heard about its plot, I honestly just didn’t want to sacrifice two hours of my life to watch it. I watched it this morning on Starz on demand, and that’s honestly the best way to watch it, just simply drifting by on a breeze like their spaceship does across the empty canvass of space. If I were to have watched this in theaters, I felt I would have been immensely bored.

That’s kind of a point of the movie, that its trying so hard to depict Chris Pratt’s loneliness and boredom because it wants to make us understand just how crazy he was when he released Jennifer Lawrence against her will. But it’s just plain boring, like we’re traveling on majestic sci-fi spaceship where anything can happen but are just choosing to spend our time in the lobby. Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence and Laurence Fishburne are all ok, but that’s just it, it’s ok. It’s meh. If this movie were a condiment it would be mayonnaise, with no distinct taste or flavor that we honestly wouldn’t even notice if it were included in our sandwich or not.


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