123. Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy


Nobody has anything bad to say about Princess Diana, and how could you? Her entire life was that of a saint, her numerous philanthropic endeavors enshrining her as one of the 20th century’s most kind and loving souls. Any flaw or transgression she committed in her life is immediately wiped out by her legendary kindness.

This puts Diana in an awkward position, though, when it comes to being the subject of a documentary. Since so many people think so highly of her, very little groundbreaking or insightful material is able to be mined about her life. Nobody has anything but praise for her, and anything critical about her isn’t really critical at all, just that she wasn’t a fan being mobbed by the press (who would be?)

But this isn’t a standard “here is Diana’s life from beginning to end” documentary. Instead, it’s a love letter from her sons William and Harry, who talk about how much they miss their mom’s laugh, how much fun she was, occasionally peppering in with something interesting, like how they regret their last phone call with her, or how difficult it was when their parents were separating. They clearly love their mom, but it feels like they’re holding back emotion. That there’s more intimate memories or more touching moments that they’d like to share but instead try to figure out 100 different ways to say “our mom lit up any room she walked in.”

The rest just feels a bit meh, like an introduction to the royal family video they might play on the monitors at Heathrow Airport when getting into London. This documentary shows how Diana was one of the greatest humans who ever lived, and that her sons love her very much. Tell us something we don’t know.


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