125. The Bucket List

The Bucket List is like a 90 minute adaptation of one of those sappy inspirational poems your unemployed friend would share on Facebook. You know, the same friend who says they hate drama but are the source of all drama, the one who shares every moment and slight inconvenience online without question. Yep, that is exactly the type of person who would have written The Bucket List and the type of person who would enjoy it.

This movie is so sappy and bad my mom wouldn’t even like it. And she never says any movie is bad because she doesn’t want to be mean. Jack Nicholson is at his worst. Morgan Freeman is at his players. Everything is super sloooooow and it only gets slower as it goes on.

Freeman and Nicholson play two men who receive terminal diagnoses. Freeman is a family man who values education, Nicholson is a lone wolf capitalist who learns the value of human relationships. They go do stuff.

It’s an overglorified Hallmark movie, a greeting card that got turned into a full length screenplay. It’s terrible in every sense.

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