137. Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny


Every middle or high schooler goes through a Tenacious D phase in their life. That could actually include listening to Tenacious D albums and potentially seeing them in concert, or finding some sort of other quirky, foulmouthed music group to follow and quote incessantly with friends until lunch period came to a close. I personally grew up with friends who were very much into Jack Black and Kyle Grass’ sultry, fast-tempo blend of fart rock, and although I only knew one or two songs, I considered a fan as well.

So, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny is really just a vehicle for Jack and Kyle to rock out and goof off for 91 minutes with a few celebrity cameos popping up between songs. In this sense, the film is successful: it makes one feel nostaglic about Tenacious D and for viewers unfamiliar with the band, they still receive a hearty laugh or twelve.

But the film is not remarkable or memorable by any sense of the word. We leave with no instantly quotable lines, no jokes or truly guffaw-worthy moments that stick out in our minds after we leave the theater. It’s more of Jack and Kyle getting one hour at the UCB theater and then pulling together a story similar to this. The funniest moment is actually at the beginning when a young JB clone mouths along to his hard-rocking future self. Everything else is good for a chuckle and an occasional chortle, but nothing immensely funny.

Tenacious D hasn’t split up but they aren’t as big as they used to be. One can still land a ticket to one of their ballroom concert gigs but band will never move up higher than they already have been. This movie would have much better served near the earlier years of the group instead of on during the last breath of D fever. But for those of us who grew up with JB and KG, whether we were die-hards or just tributes to die-hards, this movie will suffice as a legacy to the greatest rocking duo in history.

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