155. Avengers: Age of Ultron


Marvel movies are like new cars: they’re fancy, sleek and full of features, but after a year or two they just seem like old hat. The killer robots and flying, bio-mechanical British men that once wowed us in 2015 have rusted into secondhand entertainment. We loved it back then, but sadly Avengers: Age of Ultron just ain’t that same flick anymore.

It probably has something to do with how the hype has died down and that no one really gets that hyped for Marvel movies anymore. Getting two of them a year will do that, where we no longer get excited but are just in a perpetual state of “a Marvel movie just came out and the next one will come out six months from now.” But for Age of Ultron, it’s strange to look back and see just how all of it was just so lackluster. The movie proceeds so quickly that characters don’t really have time to reflect and think about how the events of the film are impacting them. The entire movie looks like it was shot in an overexposed, gritty orange color, a stark contrast to the bright popping colors we got in the first Avengers. And the whole romantic side-plot between Bruce Banner and Natasha just seems hackneyed and forced. Bruce may be a scientist but there’s no chemistry between his and Black Widow’s bite.

If there’s one saving grace of the film, its Ultron, a villain with such massive destructive capabilities but such deep insecurities, like a former bullying victim who works out all summer to get back at the cool kids when school starts the next year. He isn’t the biggest or baddest villain whose ever caused mayhem in the Marvel universe, but he is the one we’d most like to share our last moments on earth with before our ultimate extinction.

This movie doesn’t care so much about making an emotional connection and make their characters seem human since they knew they’d do that in Captain America: Civil War. You won’t be wasting your time if you devote two hours to it, but you won’t be getting much out of it either.

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