277. Table 19

The Duplass Brothers like to make stories with the theme, “there’s no such thing as being an adult, we’re all just winging it.” And their “Table 19” is another one of these movies that thinks it has a profound take on adulthood because it has an elderly woman smoking pot.

We watch a group of strangers who’ve been relegated to the reject table following a wedding reception. Each is an outcast in their own diverse way, but our main outcast is Anna Kendrick. She thinks she still might be in love not with the groom but the best man, who is her ex boyfriend. There’s also June Squibb, Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson and Stephen Merchant, an impressive slew of comedic talent that fails to percolate into anything meaningful. And there’s also an awkward teen played by Tony Revolori, who is using the wedding as a way to seemingly interact with girls for the first time.

It’s bad, because “Table 19″tries too hard to be a “Wedding Crashers” meets “When Harry Met Sally.” It’s an intentional effort to stick to a logline without letting it breathe into something new. Every character gets a bit of raunch and a bit of hope, but you’ll walk away without finding a favorite in any of them.

While the Duplass bros deserve the bulk of this blame, some must be shared with director Jeffrey Blitz. Awkward angles and no sense of space help make this an unfortunate viewing experience. At one point, Wyatt Russell’s character says something to the effect of “I keep disappointing myself.” Sadly, “Table 19” disappoints on every level.

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