285. Batman Begins


“Batman Begins” is a great movie because it explicitly focuses on the mythology of Bruce Wayne. We’ve witnessed the origins of Batman countless times through film and mass media, but never more poignantly has the quagmire of Wayne been brought to the silver screen. A man defined by a tragedy, where every subsequent action in his life is a reault of it.

It’s not a surprise when Bruce does eventually become Batman, the film stars to get less good. Not necessarily bad or even fair, but it lacks that certain mythological spark that made the first 60 minutes so intriguing. The rich, moral quandaries and conundrums plaguing Christian Bale’s battered Bruce lose their impact, now hazy in Scarecrow’s drug induced rain.

Christopher Nolan made a great leap for comic book kind when he didn’t take the superhero seriously but also the man behind the mask. It was the latter that makes Batman Begins accessible and respectable on a massive level. It’s not a question of a serious comic film vs. a jokey Marvel film, but more of do the movies treat the people behind the mask with as much respect as they would for any other non-comic book character.

It’s better in certain parts than others, but is wholly entertaining. A new light on a hero cast in the darkness.

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