A note and a thank you

Hello all,

I recently reached my 500th movie review on this blog and have decided to take a breather from reviewing one film a day. I’ll still write the occasional film review or think-piece here from time to time, but it won’t be my main focus. But I do have a new venture I wanted to let you know about.

This blog was started to strengthen my film criticism skills, gain exposure to films and genres I was unfamiliar with, and just to see how long I could keep it up. I originally wanted to stop after 365 posts, but kept the sprint going to 500 (which nicely coincided with the demise of MoviePass).

As a lot of the other film writers who follow me will agree, the biggest challenge of starting your own blog isn’t writing a good review, but building an audience and establishing yourself from the thousands of other people out there doing the same thing. Sometimes I’d gain traction for an in-depth, analytical piece, other times something more funny and lighthearted would resonate online. But as I approached 500, I asked myself, “What kind of film content isn’t being done that only I can do?”

Aside from movie reviewing, my other primary passion is comedy writing. I imagined the scenarios of becoming a full-time professional critic or comedy writer and how I’d feel incomplete since I’d have to give one up to pursue the other. Sure, there’s funny podcasts, video series and print critics who generate consistent guffaws with their reviews. But in terms of how an actual review is structured, few people are tinkering with the form itself to generate laughs.

So later this week, I’m going to start writing movie reviews in the form of a limerick. These will be primarily targeted on social media, with a short review in your standard AABBA limerick format. The last line, though, will be burned on an image of whatever film I’m reviewing, with the goal of getting lots of likes, retweets, followers, readers, etc. It’s a method that’s tailored to the short-form nature of social media, is appealing from both a mobile and desktop perspective, challenges the constraints of Twitter’s 280 character count, stands out from the other tweets/posts talking about those films, and will have that distinct voice and humor that only I possess.

I’m considering using this blog as a means of writing a longer version of that limerick review, something like five paragraphs instead of just the one on social. I don’t know how feasible that will be or if that will resonate as strongly, but it’s something I want to try. While these will be done on a consistent basis, I’m also unsure if I’ll be able to keep them going every single day. These are all items I’ll address as I keep going.

I don’t mean to too my own horn, but goofy things like limericks come naturally to me. I can write a sassy review with the best of them, but this type of film writing is relatively non-existent on digital and I feel is somewhere I can make a strong niche. The limerick reviews will still be smart and insightful, but with a higher emphasis on humor. There will certainly be challenges to make this stuff popular, but as long as the content is high quality and consistent, I’m confident it will reach an audience.

So please keep your eyes open for new limerick posts I might have on here. In the meantime, go follow me at @Limerick_Critic on Twitter and limerickcritic on Instagram. Thanks again to all you awesome followers who have regularly read and commented on my stuff, and I hope this new project will entertain you further.


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